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Application Intelligence for MongoDB


Understand your application’s MongoDB data with industry-standard SQL that executes 100% in-database.


Standard SQL

Don’t learn a new query language. Use the ubiquitous SQL you already know to query data stored in MongoDB and build reports.

Pure Open Source

Say goodbye to vendor-lock in and eye-gouging licenses with best of breed open source technology.

Zero Relocation

Tired of replicating your data ad nauseam just to query it? SlamData runs natively on top of MongoDB.


Forget about writing tedious reporting code with the industry’s first code-free approach to NoSQL analytics.

Natively NoSQL

Native support for arrays, nested documents, and non-uniform schema. SlamData totally gets NoSQL.

Slick GUI

Leverage SlamData from the command-line, API, or the rich front-end interface that lets you run queries and build charts.

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Ten Minutes or Less

See how easy it is.

Get started by download SlamData. It's free and open source!


Next, during installation, link SlamData with your MongoDB Database.

Begin writing SQL queries in the easy to use editor!

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