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Close to the Data

Bringing the analytics to the data is a smarter way to do it. Analyze it where it lives.


Moving data changes it. That is bad. So keep data where it is and bring the analytics to it.


Supercharged SQL!

Query language overload? Stick with what you know! SlamData’s SQL² is SQL that’s supercharged for modern data.

The Features NoSQL Has Been Waiting For

Visualize NoSQL Analytics

Semi-structured data is piling up in modern databases like MongoDB and ElasticSearch, and data formats like JSON and XML are the language of the web. Legacy analytics tools don’t cut it. SlamData does.

Migrate Legacy Apps

Many companies are considering moving existing apps built on RDBMS technology over to MongoDB. The flexibility and power of modern NoSQL databases like MongoDB are a strong motivation but the “how” is elusive. With SlamData it’s not.

NoSQL Dashboards, MongoDB Dashboards | SlamData

Embed NoSQL Charts and Dashboards

SlamData provides fast, native, embedded reporting for any application built on MongoDB. There’s no need to setup separate RDBMS infrastructure.


Explore and Discover NoSQL Data

Modern NoSQL databases like MongoDB don’t utilize fixed schema like a traditional RDBMS system. For this reason, users generally don’t know exactly what data a particular MongoDB database actually contains. That’s where SlamData nails it.

Who Is Using SlamData?

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From Our Users

“…super fast setup (linux user) …easy to configure, easy to query …easy to make the first graph  …I was very impressed about how to query in sql format mongodb”

Claudia, Chief Data Scientist


New Whitepaper
The Characteristics of NoSQL Analytics Systems
  • Generic Data Model
  • MultiDimensionality
  • Unified Schema/Data
  • Post Relational
  • Polymorphic Queries
  • Dynamic Type Discovery & Conversion
  • Structural Patterns

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