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The Standard for Analytics and Reporting on MongoDB

SlamData is an open source project that lets you run SQL queries on MongoDB, and build interactive reports that can be embedded anywhere. Used by thousands of companies around the world, SlamData is the only MongoDB solution that can push all queries into the database. Discover the power of NoSQL analytics in the industry's first analytics and reporting solution designed exclusively for modern databases.

Embedded Reporting

In 60 seconds, and with zero coding, you can build a beautiful interactive reporting dashboard that refreshes off live data. Wow!

Open Source

Say goodbye to vendor-lock in and eye-gouging licenses with SlamData's best of breed open source technology that be around a century from now.

Standard SQL

Don't learn a new query language or settle for crippled imitations. Use the ubiquitous and powerful SQL you already know to query data stored in MongoDB and build reports.

Zero Relocation

Tired of replicating your data ad nauseam just to build reports? SlamData pushes 100% of all queries down to MongoDB, which does the heavy lifting so you don't have to.


Writing code to query a data source is so 1960s. SlamData lets you query MongoDB using SlamSQL, the open source SQL standard for NoSQL data.

Natively NoSQL

A normal database or BI tool would choke and die on your nested, array-filled, non-uniform data. SlamData asks for more thanks to the power of Murray.

Embedded Reporting


Meet Murray

Got an app running on MongoDB? Then you need SlamData. SlamData makes it drop-dead simple to cook up interactive, beautiful SQL-based reporting dashboards that you can embed in any web site, web app, or mobile app.

Thanks to SlamData's advanced pushdown technology, 100% of every query runs inside the database, which means your reports are live and run on all your data. And with the power of Murray, you can run reports right off any NoSQL data, no matter how nested or non-uniform they might be.

Open Source

From Hadoop to MongoDB, the entire NoSQL ecosystem is open source, empowering you to choose solutions that are right for you without having to become locked-in to eye-gouging licenses fees. Isn't it about time your analytics and reporting software be open source, too? We think so!

Open source software benefits from peer-reviewed code, an awesome community, open standards, a lower total cost of ownership, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing SlamData's source code is freely available — both now and 100 years from now!

Standard SQL

MongoDB's low-level APIs are awesome for building apps, but they aren't designed for non-coders, or for use cases like data exploration and analytics. When it comes to ad hoc queries, rich analytics, and high-level accessibility, there's only one game in town: SQL.

SlamData is the only SQL solution for MongoDB that pushes 100% of the computation into the database, and lets you query your data as it actually exists in MongoDB! All other SQL solutions force you to query a fake data model that looks nothing like your real data, and they pull the data out of MongoDB for slow, non-scalable client-side execution.

Zero Relocation

Before SlamData, your options for analytics and reporting were all variations on a single theme: get the data out of MongoDB! With SlamData, you can say goodbye to those days.

SlamData runs directly on top of MongoDB—either your primary cluster, or a replicated cluster designed for analytics. In either case, you can run complex analytics and build live, interactive dashboards that run directly atop MongoDB!


If you want to report on any data in MongoDB, then you're looking at a herculean effort: writing some code against the MongoDB query APIs, building an API to expose the data, creating one or more HTML views, and writing some JavaScript to display the data.

With SlamData, all you need is a few minutes to write a SQL query, hook it up to a form, pipe it into a dashboard, and publish the result to a URL that you can embed anywhere. SlamData takes you from data prep to interactive dashboard, with zero coding!

Natively NoSQL

We believe that NoSQL data is here to stay. With deep nesting, arrays, and non-uniform schema, NoSQL data poses an insurmountable challenge for legacy analytics and reporting software.

SlamData's powerful post-relational core lets you query and analyze your data as it actually exists. No matter how deep, nested, array-filled, or messy it might be. Welcome to SlamData, the next generation of relational technology!

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