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This is the amazing part: explore your data, build a chart (that reflects live data!) and now it’s up to you to share that insight. Here’s where the road opens up and you have amazing flexibility to share, publish and embed where ever you want. 

No ETL Means Immediate Answers.

Want analytics on funky NoSQL? Nested arrays? First step has been to flatten it and then export it… Time out! We don’t need to do that anymore. Leave the data right where it is. SlamData will run analytics right in the database.

Use SQL Because It's Easier, Better.

We actually wrote math that extended relational algebra — the core of SQL — to elegantly handle the nuances of post-relational data. It’s called SQL2 or “SQL squared”. Most folks can jump right in since it’s the lingua franca of the BI world. 

Join satisfied users around the world who have made SlamData the #1 tool for MongoDB analytics and reporting.

I needed to build a report for my client fast. I found SlamData and had my chart in an hour. Now I’m building reports for all of my clients. It was easy.

Media Company


Here are my first impressions: ✓ super fast setup (linux user)  ✓ easy to configure, easy to query  ✓ easy to make the first graph  ✓ I was very impressed about how to query MongoDB in SQL format.

Internet Retailer

Lead Analyst/Data Scientist

I used to wait and wait and wait for reports on how our users were using our service. Now I just get answers to any question I have — self-serve!

SaaS Consumer App

Product Manager

For us, time is money. Now we can do in one hour what it would take 20+ hours. It’s actually much better, too. We’re not maintaining anything anymore.

Consulting Company


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How Does SlamData Differ from Alteryx, Tableau, or Pentaho?

Both Tableau and Pentaho, which are analytics tools in all traits, which is sort of a data wrangling or pipeline tool are designed to deal with strictly relational data. If you have a bunch of JSON data, there’s no way to query that directly from something like Tableau or Pentaho.

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“Data Wrangling” = Data Rankled

Data wrangling is the latest clever way to describe the lengthy and cumbersome data preparation process required to make modern complex data (aka: post-relational, multi-structured, semi-structured…) fit legacy (read: relational) analytics tools.

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