The #1 Embedded Analytics Solution for NoSQL

No ETL. No Mapping. No Stale Extracts.
100% In-Database, Native Execution On Live Data.
Add Reporting To Any App In Minutes.
Supports MongoDB, Couchbase, MarkLogic and Spark.

The #1 Embedded Analytics Solution for NoSQL

Skip Months of Development By Adopting SlamData's
Out-of-the-Box Reporting Solution for NoSQL. Like These Companies 🙂

Direct, Instant
NoSQL Analytics

SlamData’s advanced technology delivers immediate insight into NoSQL data without the expensive data prep, extracts and relocation needed for legacy BI tools.

Direct, Instant NoSQL Analytics Software

Build Data Apps Right In Your Browser. 

SlamData offers unprecedented ease, sophistication and agility in one solution. Build complex analytical workflows, create interactive reports, scale to all your users.

More Than BI: Build Data Applications Right In Your Browser. No Coding.

No Prep = More Analysis

80% of enterprise analytics is data prep, ETL and trying to make legacy BI tools do things they aren’t designed to do. SlamData gives that 80% back.

No Prep = More Analysis

The Most Powerful NoSQL Analytics
Solutions Available

Leading News and Insight On NoSQL Analytics

Why Modern BI is Failing

Legacy BI tools were not built to handle modern NoSQL data models like JSON or XML. Change starts with real innovation, not tweaking the status quo.

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The Characteristics of NoSQL Analytics Systems

  • The Nature of NoSQL Data
    • APIs
    • NoSQL Databases
    • Big Data
    • A Generic Data Model for NoSQL
  • Approaches to NoSQL Analytics
    • Coding & ETL
    • Hadoop
    • Real-Time Analytics
    • Relational Model Virtualization
    • First-Class NoSQL Analytics
  • Characteristics of NoSQL Analytics Systems
    • Generic Data Model
    • Isomorphic Data Model
    • Multi-Dimensionality
    • Unified Schema/Data
    • Post-Relational
    • Polymorphic Queries
    • Dynamic Type Discovery & Conversion
    • Structural Patterns

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