The Most Powerful Analytics Solution for NoSQL

The Most Powerful Analytics Solution for NoSQL

Direct, Instant
NoSQL Analytics

SlamData’s advanced technology delivers immediate insight into NoSQL data without the expensive data prep, extracts and relocation needed for legacy BI tools.

Direct, Instant NoSQL Analytics Software

Build Data Apps
In Your Browser 

SlamData offers unprecedented ease, sophistication and agility in one solution. Build complex analytical workflows, create interactive reports, scale to all your users.

More Than BI: Build Data Applications Right In Your Browser. No Coding.

No Prep =
More Analysis

80% of enterprise analytics is data prep, ETL and trying to make legacy BI tools do things they aren’t designed to do. SlamData gives that 80% back.

No Prep = More Analysis

What Our Customers Are Saying

We use SlamData to build custom reports and have found the tool is exceptionally easy to use and very powerful. We recently needed to engage the support team and we were very pleased with the turn-around time and the quality of support that we received.

Troy Thompson
Director of Software Engineering
Intermap Technologies, Inc.

When our company migrated from SQL database to MongoDB, all our query tools became obsolete. SlamData saved the day! I was able to easily write SQL2 queries. Plus the sharing, charting, and interactive reports were a game changer.

Michael Melmed
VP, Ops and Strategy
US Mobile 

Slamdata helped shine the light on how our new product was being used. The support staff was awesome and we saved engineering cycles in building all the analytics in-house. I am using it to change the mindset in the teams and shift the focus from product launches to product landings.

Engineering Lead
Cisco Systems

See SlamData In Action At US Mobile


“…but the ability to do both, and particularly the ability for that information to be refreshed whenever needed, gives us a lot more flexibility and allows us to keep a lot more consistent eye on what’s happening with our business and the data that we have.”

Michael Melmed
VP Ops & Strategy
US Mobile

Industry Insight

US Mobile Closes NoSQL Analytics Gap

US Mobile implemented SlamData to deliver critical analytics capabilities that were lost after US Mobile rebuilt its core applications on a NoSQL data platform. In 2016, US Mobile rebuilt its core business applications (which previously ran on a relational database) on MongoDB, a NoSQL data platform.

The move gave US Mobile fexibility, scalability and better support for microservices, but it also meant existing queries, reports, data visualizations and analyses had to be rebuilt. What’s more, support for SQL, the query language native to relational databases, is not natively supported in MongoDB.

The New Math Driving NoSQL Analytics

Jeff Carr and John De Goes founded SlamData about 3.5 years ago with a relatively simple goal: make it easier to do analytics on NoSQL databases like MongoDB.  While these databases were proving to be extremely popular among developers, they were causing problems among business analysts, who found that traditional BI and visualization tools would not work with them directly.

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