The Data Warehouse Is Now Virtual

Find the exact data you need and get it to the tools you already use.  No more clunky data preparation or mass ETL.

SlamData Makes Modern Data Radically Simple...

JSON, API’s, XML, CSV’s… Modern data comes from many sources and can be messy and unstructured.  SlamData makes it simple to access and start using this data easily.

...And Allows You To Take Only What You Need...

Find the needle in the haystack in minutes. Then JOIN, aggregate and share it with your favorite tools.

...Which Makes Everyone An Analytics Rockstar!

Get to work on your data without the overhead of a data warehouse: download it, access it with PowerBI, Tableau, distribute it, email it…
Connect And Browse Any Database, Cloud Storage or Data Lake In Minutes. There’s No Configuration.

The Evolution of Data Warehousing

Previous versions of data warehousing were defined by cost and complexity. By contrast, the Virtual Data Warehouse is about empowering the end user, agility, and driving the cost curve down.

Why Go Virtual?

Create Virtual Tables On the Fly — Without Normalizing Your Data

Eliminate Expensive Data Integration Overhead

Enable Everyone To Practice Agile Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SlamData an analytics tool?

SlamData is a tool to make analytics happen faster. It allows any user to find any data quickly — without technical knowledge or any knowledge of the data’s schema. From there it’s a few clicks to get it into an analytics workflow.

How is SlamData different from other data prep tools?

SlamData is the most advanced tool for working with unstructured, messy modern data. You can work with your most complex data and easily prepare it for your favorite tool.

Where does SlamData run?

SlamData is available as a Java application or docker based installation.

Which analytics tools work with SlamData?

SlamData supports all popular BI tools, including Tableau, Looker and PowerBI.

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