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Connect, Explore and Stream Complex JSON Data from S3, Azure, Google Cloud To Your Favorite Data Warehouse Easily

Browse Complex Data With Ease

Browse Complex Data With Ease

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SlamData an analytics tool?

SlamData is a tool to make analytics happen faster. It allows any user to find any data quickly — without technical knowledge or any knowledge of the data’s schema. From there it’s a few clicks to get it into an analytics workflow.

How Is SlamData different from other data prep tools?

SlamData is the most advanced tool for working with unstructured, messy modern data. You can work with your most complex data and easily prepare it for your favorite tool.

Where does SlamData run?

SlamData is available as a docker based installation and will soon be available on the AWS Marketplace

Which analytic and data warehouse solutions does SlamData support?

Redshift, Snowflake, TeraData and popular BI tools including Tableau, Looker and PowerBI.

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