Using REFORM with Alteryx Designer

With REFORM and Alteryx you can make your JSON, MongoDB or and API data available for analysis in minutes.

REFORM enables Alteryx Designer users work easily with the latest data from large and complex data sets. It’s fast, scalable and resilient. Get REFORM then follow the steps below to get started!


Discover and transform your data

  • Add your data source in REFORM, browse your data and pick what you’re interested in.
  • Make a note of how many columns you picked and then click “Results”.
  • In the “Reusable access link” section click “Generate link” then click “Copy link”.

Installing the REFORM Alteryx Tool

  • Next download and open the REFORM Alteryx Tool.
  • Open the file you downloaded in Alteryx.
  • Click “Import” then click “No”.
  • Click the “Options” menu at the top of the screen, click “User Settings” then click “Edit User Settings”.
  • Click the “Macros” tab.
  • Click the “+” button then click the “…” button.
  • Select the “REFORM” folder in your “Downloads” folder.
  • Click “OK”, click “OK” again then click “OK” a final time.
  • The REFORM tool is now available.

Access your data in Alteryx

  • Click “In/Out” from your tool palette then drag “REFORM” onto your workflow.
  • Paste the access link you copied earlier into the “REFORM access link” field.
  • Enter the number of columns you picked into the “Number of columns” field.
  • Run your workflow by clicking the “Run” button.
  • Alternatively you can right click the REFORM tool and click “Cache and run workflow”.
  • Your data is now available.