Turbocharge Your ThoughtSpot!

ThoughtSpot is an amazing fast growing search analytics and AI driven company that is raising the bar for modern data insights.  Rather than another specialized tool for creating analytics and visualizations that requires days or weeks of training to use, ThoughtSpot makes it as easy as doing a Google search. Just ask the question you […]

AWS GuardDuty Security Dashboard

Consolidated AWS GuardDuty security analytics using REFORM and Tableau AWS GuardDuty is an Intelligent Threat Detection and monitoring service. The service uses machine learning, anomaly detection, and integrated threat intelligence to identify and prioritize potential threats.  However, due to how GuardDuty captures and stores logs, creating a consolidated GLOBAL security view can be a challenge. […]

Ingesting JSON as analytic ready tables into SQL Server using REFORM and Azure Data Factory

The REFORM solution enables data analysts and engineers to access complex JSON data as tables. In many cases we want those tables to be stored in Microsoft SQL Server or some other SQL database engine. Such requirement can be implemented easily using REFORM and Azure Data Factory. Transforming JSON to tables in REFORM Let’s say […]



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Data Science on JSON using SlamData REFORM and RStudio or Jupyter Notebooks

Obstacles in doing/learning Data Science Whether you’re a professional data scientist or studying to become a data scientist, you’ll likely need to work with a JSON dataset. JSON isn’t easy to work with. It’s not tabular, and you can’t just push it to a SQL database — at least not without a “bit” of work. […]

Turn any API into an analytic ready data source

There are over 200,000 API’s on the web today, and more being added all the time. And the vast majority of these API’s provide JSON data via a REST interface. Unless you are a developer you generally can’t do much with this data or get any value from it. API’s are by design built for […]

Reinventing ETL on a New Mathematical Foundation

What is MRA? The Multidimensional Relational Algebra, or MRA, is at the core of everything we do at SlamData. It’s what enables our product to provide such a smooth and intuitive user experience. It’s what drives the ahead-of-time optimizations and static analyses which ensure that transformations are evaluated with extremely high performance as close to […]