Any Data, Any Department

Data solutions that work for every department.

Data analytics used to be a major bottleneck in any business — everyone needed to use data for their job, but only a few engineers and data integration specialists could access it. Not anymore. We’re opening data up to everyone who needs it.

Easy To Access

Just log into any server where your data is already stored, using the login info you already use. No additional steps needed.

Easy To Organize

With over 20 optimization options and a point-and-click UI, turning your messy data into clean tables is a matter of minutes.

Easy To Use

Export your newly organized data to the data warehouses you already use, then analyse it with the BI tools you already have. No new software required.


Developing a product involves a lot of guessing — how will customers use it in normal circumstances, what kind of wringer are they likely to put it through, and what’s going to break first. With software and SaaS products, the guesses become even more complicated. Data analytics will help you figure out exactly how customers are using your product, what needs to be fixed or improved, and where you should focus your energy going forward.


Marketers have been looking at top-level data like traffic, bounce rate, and unique visitors for years — but those simple web analytics are only a small piece of the puzzle. With SlamData, marketers can dive deeper into customer behavior, identify new revenue opportunities, and generate actionable data — without waiting months for data engineers to curate data.


80% of any data science is janitorial work — cleaning up, organizing, flattening, and sorting data so that something useful can be done with it. That’s time that could be better spent on analysis. SlamData takes the busy work out of data analysis so you can get right down to the important work — actually learning from the data.


BI teams are typically the front line for understanding data and gaining valuable insights for every part of the business.


The sales department is all about converting leads into revenue, but it’s a delicate game — push too hard and you might drive them away, not hard enough and you might lose their interest. SlamData allows sales departments access to the complex data they need to track the source of their leads, predict what people will respond to, and take a tailored approach for each individual that’s most likely to lead to conversion.


Account managers are in charge of post-sales client relations, and as such are in charge of maintaining client satisfaction, handling renewals and upsells, and helping clients get the most out of what they’ve purchased. Data can be a huge help with this — if you can analyze it properly. SlamData gives account managers the tools they need to examine past account holders and predict the needs of current account holders into the future, keeping them satisfied and turning them into repeat customers.


A huge part of customer support is talking to customers, but customers are single data points that can’t always articulate what’s going wrong. SlamData lets support staff look deeper into how customers are using the product — usage patterns, location, device, time of day — to find broader patterns and help customers before they even know they need it.


Once your business gets up to scale, the operational and logistical questions can quickly become overwhelming. Trying to organize shipping pickups and deliveries, warehouse staff shifts, shipping costs, packaging supplies, and a thousand other factors can turn into a real mess if you don’t get it under control. SlamData will help you predict shipping patterns, order frequency, scheduling your workforce, and everything else you need to turn your business into a well-oiled machine.

Integrating data into your everyday workflow

Data Made Seamless

No matter your role at your company, chances are you could do your job better with some detailed data analytics — the problem is, you don’t have time to wait around for custom parsing tools to give you the info you need. SlamData fits right in with the tools, servers, and warehouses you already use to get you up and running faster and easier.