Transform your Marketing Data into Actionable Analytics

Finally, a software solution that allows you to use your marketing data — without relying on a developer.

Consolidate your multi-channel data Problem into a single-point Solution.

  • Capture Quick Wins

    Eliminate delays in processing your data so your team can act quickly.

  • Understand Root Causes For Errors

    Pinpoint where issues are so you can improve your processes.

  • Capture Both Cost And Revenue Opportunities

    Ensure ad dollars are being spent on profitable campaigns

Get new insights from your customer data

The magic of REFORM is its simplicity.

“REFORM lets us pull raw data directly out of e-commerce platforms and change query parameters on the fly without having to write or modify a custom tool. It’s saved us a lot of time and made our customers very happy.”

Chris Martinez, CTO at CleverFunnel Digital

Case Study

Using REFORM and Google Data Studio to run repeat customer analysis on eCommerce Data

Read about how one of our REFORM users was able to provide their customers with additional insights into repeat business, allowing them to make additional informed decisions about their overall marketing direction, and increasing overall repeat sales.