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Learn How US Mobile Delivers Interactive Analytics To Users Across Its Business Using SlamData

Michael Melmed
VP, Ops & Strategy
US Mobile

“Before SlamData, I was querying the database, exporting to csv, manipulating in Excel to build reports for my colleagues. Then repeating it all again when they wanted refreshed data.

With SlamData, I build a report one time. Then my colleagues refresh, filter, and export whenever they need it.”


  • How US Mobile turned a problem into an opportunity by radically simplifying its reporting on MongoDB using SlamData.
  • How US Mobile uses SlamData to deliver interactive reporting to its Finance, Business Development, Product Management and Marketing teams.
  • See iterative reporting on live MongoDB data — freeing US Mobile from maintaining schema.
  • See step-by-step how to set up full-blown BI for your SaaS company or app in minutes.

Stop Doing These Things


Extracting data


Maintaining inflexible custom solutions


Creating loads of one-off reports

Start Doing These Things


Build interactive reports on live data


Free yourself from maintaining schema or mapping


Share insight into your business easily

About US Mobile

US Mobile is a wireless carrier with a nationwide 4G LTE network reaching more than 300 million Americans. US Mobile was launched in 2015 to liberate customers from expensive and inflexible phone plans, instead giving them the freedom to customize their plans without contracts.

With almost 400 different plan combinations to choose from, customers can always find the most affordable plan to connect all types of devices from phones and tablets to cars and alarm systems.

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The Characteristics of NoSQL Analytics Systems

  • The Nature of NoSQL Data
    • APIs
    • NoSQL Databases
    • Big Data
    • A Generic Data Model for NoSQL
  • Approaches to NoSQL Analytics
    • Coding & ETL
    • Hadoop
    • Real-Time Analytics
    • Relational Model Virtualization
    • First-Class NoSQL Analytics
  • Characteristics of NoSQL Analytics Systems
    • Generic Data Model
    • Isomorphic Data Model
    • Multi-Dimensionality
    • Unified Schema/Data
    • Post-Relational
    • Polymorphic Queries
    • Dynamic Type Discovery & Conversion
    • Structural Patterns

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