The Virtual Data Warehouse

SlamData’s Virtual Data Warehouse is a light-weight, browser-based solution that can be deployed anywhere and can run on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Park it wherever you like: on-premise, in a private cloud, make it a SaaS solution. No overhead and no complexity.

Connect To Your Data Source

Simply connect to your data source. Nothing fancy. Username and password usually does the trick. SlamData is run wherever you want it to run — so that means it meets whatever security requirements you have.

Find Your Needle In the Haystack

Browse your data — even your messy, inconsistent, nested heterogeneous data — just like you were browsing a simple file folder. There’s a lot of special magic powering this killer feature.

Optional: Clean Up, Repair —  Optimize!

Once you find a column, if you notice an inconsistent data type, you can fix it. Need to convert the timestamp? Do it. There are over 20 transformations available. And remember, you’re not overwriting any data. These are virtual changes!

Build A Virtual Data Mart In Real Time

As you find and optimize columns, you’re adding them to a new table. It’s cleaned, optimized — with the right field names. It’s exactly the way YOU want it. No intermediary. No validation. It’s custom data curation at its finest.

Send It To Your Favorite Tool,
Download & Share

At this point you have what you used to call a datamart. It’s a new dataset optimized for your business function. You can access via a BI tool like Tableau or PowerBI or download it — and the coolest feature is sharing it. You just optimized data — let others build off of it!

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