In the BOSSIEs (Again!) – Listed In InfoWorld’s ‘Best of’ Open Source Big Data Tools for 2016

Chris Dima
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We're mighty stoked to make it into InfoWorld's list of best open source big data tools for the second time!

We’re mighty stoked to make it into InfoWorld’s list of best open source big data tools for the second time!

Here are some excerpts:

If you have a MongoDB data store and need to run basic analytics, are you going to create a whole Hadoop or other infrastructure for reporting?

That’s a lot of ETL for reporting on one data store! Far easier and saner is to report straight from a replica. SlamData has a SQL-based engine that talks natively to MongoDB. Unlike MongoDB’s own solution, SlamData is not sucking all the data into PostgreSQL and calling it a BI connector.
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The Five Money-Saving Tricks MongoDB Doesn’t Want You To Know

If you listen to your friendly MongoDB sales rep, it's easy to think they are a one-stop shop for all things MongoDB.

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The Easiest Way To Do Cross-Collection JOINs With MongoDB

Damon, each week we get together and discuss a feature of SlamData that we're seeing a lot of clients use, inquire about, or one that we feel like is worth exploring because it's that unique and can solve big problems in the market simply. This week it's JOINs.

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MongoDB and the Shocking Case of the Missing JOIN ($lookup)

At MongoWorld 2015, Eliot Horowitz, CTO of MongoDB, stepped onto the stage and announced to the world that joins would be coming to the famous document-oriented database.

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We’re heading into new territory in just a few weeks, bringing native NoSQL analytics goodness not just to MongoDB but also to MarkLogic, Couchbase, Spark and Postgres. And more after that! Hang on, we’re just getting going.

Other folks on the list include:
Beam –
TensorFlow –
Solr –
Elasticsearch –
Impala –
Kylin –
Kafka –
StreamSets –
Tital –
Zeppelin –

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The Characteristics of NoSQL Analytics Systems

  • The Nature of NoSQL Data
    • APIs
    • NoSQL Databases
    • Big Data
    • A Generic Data Model for NoSQL
  • Approaches to NoSQL Analytics
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    • First-Class NoSQL Analytics
  • Characteristics of NoSQL Analytics Systems
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    • Isomorphic Data Model
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    • Unified Schema/Data
    • Post-Relational
    • Polymorphic Queries
    • Dynamic Type Discovery & Conversion
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