SlamData 4.1 Includes New Charts, Updated Connectors for…

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SlamData just released its first update of 2017, SlamData 4.1.1. It delivers a number of new UI enhancements, performance improvements, new charts, as well as commercial releases for the Couchbase, MarkLogic and Spark/Hadoop connectors.

SlamData 4.1 delivers improved performance and polish over 4.0, and raises the bar on what you can do visually without using SQL

“SlamData 4.1 delivers improved performance and polish over 4.0, and raises the bar on what you can do visually without using SQL,’ said John De Goes, CTO and Co-Founder. “In addition, our support for MarkLogic, Couchbase, and Hadoop/Spark has been through two months of beta testing, with many performance and quality improvements.”

5 New Charts for Visualizing Your Data and Creating Rich Dashboards

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Data Sources

  • Completion of Couchbase connector; now supports key joins.
  • Completion of MarkLogic connector; now supports both XML and JSON.
  • Completion of Spark/Hadoop connector.

New Charts

  • Sankey
  • Boxplot
  • Punchard
  • Candlestick
  • Parallel

User Interface

  • Now any card in a deck can now be mirrored; Previously only the last card in a deck could be mirrored.
  • Forms can now be built using cards rather than Markdown. This makes adding menus and inputs to dashboards easier.


  • Improved caching.
  • Authentication is no longer attempted if a permission token is present. This increases the loading speed of decks with permission tokens by unauthenticated consumers.
  • The Embed Deck HTML has been improved. Embedded decks now work better out the box and also provide deck URLs which allows for simpler and more powerful integration with other applications.
  • Decks are now saved in a single workspace file which reduces the number of requests.
  • The open card now includes search making selecting a file from a long listing much easier.


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