Pioneering the New Age of Analytics

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Analysis, Company News

The following is a transcript of the the video above:

Jeff Carr:

I’ve often said that people ask me why somebody else hasn’t done this. And I always give them the same answer. Because it’s really hard. And, it is. It’s a very hard technical problem challenge … Or, to solve. And we’ve done that. We’ve solved it in a very meaningful way. But it required what I call real innovation. Not innovation at the margin. A lot of what you see out there is kind of innovation at the margin where you’ve got people tweaking existing known solutions, or existing known ways of solving a problem and making it 5 percent better.

I can ETL your data 5 percent faster. Or I can make it a little bit easier to do a visualization, or something like that. We sort of started with the proverbial clean sheet of paper. The innovators advantages I call it. Where we said, what should this solution look like if we truly do live in a world now where it’s not all about relational data, and relational data bases. We have NoSQL databases. We have Hadoop. We have different ways of storing data like Json and XML. That weren’t popular 10 or 15 years ago. And if those things are truly here to stay, which I think everyone agrees they are. Then, what does the solution look like that solves that?

And that’s what we started off from day one to build. And, in fact, to build. And we built it by pioneering a new foundation around the mathematics. By pioneering an entirely new architecture, around our mathematic … Around our compiler technology. We took truly a new approach to it. And while that’s in some ways revolutionary, it’s also solving the problem.

And that’s why other people have not been successful. Because they never started with a clean sheet of paper. They started with some sort of existing, preconceived idea about how they think they should have solved the problem, and then just sort of tried to tweak it at the margin. And, this is not that kind of issue or a problem. This is a problem that needed to be solved by radically innovative thinking. And, really studying the nature of the problem. And the nature of data, both where it’s been and where’s it’s going. And that’s what we’ve done. And we’ve done it by building really defensible world-class technology that, I think will, potentially change the way people think about analytics for decades to come.


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