The Gap In the BI Market

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Analysis, Company News

Jeff Carr, SlamData CEO.

The following is a transcript of the the video above:

Jeff Carr:

So, I think what’s amazing to me, as such, we’re a young company. We’ve done very, very little marketing of any kind. And yet, Fortune 100 companies are finding us on a daily basis. What that tells me is that there’s a need in the market.

If the tools that they had were solving these problems, they wouldn’t be finding us. They certainly wouldn’t be reaching out to us. And they are. They reach out to us every day. And, what that tells us is, again, there’s a big need. There’s a gap in the market. These companies are implementing these new databases. They’re implementing these new data sources. And they’re not able to get the analytics that get the insights and the value from the data that they want.

And they’re not able to do it efficiently. And that’s what’s really powerful about what we’re doing. Is, we’re a small company. We’ve done virtually, no actual, marketing. And yet, we have big customers today. And we have big companies reaching out to us every day. Basically saying, help us solve this problem. So I think that’s really compelling. And that’s a big reason why we’ve been able, to not only, continue to succeed and thrive, but also attract world-class investors that we have. As well as amazing customers.

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