Agile Analytics On Modern Data, An Interview with Jeff Carr, CEO and Co-Founder of SlamData

Agile Analytics On Modern Data

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Analysis, Big Data

The following is a transcript of the the video above:

Jeff Carr:

…it’s really just analytics that matches the data that you have. And, provides exactly what you would expect from that. It provides agility. It provides quick time to market. Quick insights. Those kinds of things.

It’s doing … It’s essentially analytics that is delivering to you all the reasons that you picked a NoSQL database in the first place. And that’s what’s missing today.

All the agility, and all the wonderful things that a NoSQL database, the JSON data model, brings to you as a user of an application, or a developer of an application. We’re bringing that same thing to analytics. Which is just as important.

And it doesn’t exist today. Today, it’s the opposite.

You have the super agile, beautiful database that’s running your applications. And then analytics times comes around, and it devolves into this massive data manipulation. And, data duplication. And all these other things to result in anything resembling analytics.

And that’s not what companies want.

And that’s not they need.

What they need is, agile analytics that matches the agile data that they have.

Almost exclusively. I mean there’s probably 1 out of 100 times where somebody in the business may have an impact on that. But usually it’s the development team deciding what database will allow them to design and build the application in the best way for them. And that’s good. That’s a reasonable way to approach it. But it’s still doesn’t mean that the analytics people aren’t stuck in the mud.

It’s more than even just a… I mean certainly a platform is one way to look at it.

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What SlamData is really doing is moving analytics into the modern age. Today, every major analytics tool out there is still firmly rooted in that singular, relational data model that was defined 45 plus years ago.

And, what we’re saying is, what if you could take all of that and then move it forward to this century where it supports the relational model, but, also, JSON, and XML, and all these new data models that people were using for other reasons.

The point is that it should support all of the different ways that a company wants to store and manage data.

Not just one.

What Is A Data Hub?

SlamData CEO, Jeff Carr: “Instead of a 6 or 12 month project to build a data warehouse, you can stand up a Data Hub in a couple of days using SlamData and MongoDB or another NoSQL database.”

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