The fast and simple way to load data from any source to any destination in minutes with zero coding

REFORM is a tool which allows any user to connect to a wide range of data sources and load the data directly to popular Data Warehouse, DB, or BI / Data Science solutions. It works with any data regardless of source, size or complexity and requires no coding or advance knowledge of the data

REFORM Desktop

  • Perfect for analysts or Data Scientists to fulfill their own data requests
  • Can connect directly to data sources with no need to export or stage data
  • $49 / Month


  • The most powerful fully-featured version of REFORM
  • Infinitely large data sets
  • Runs on any infrastructure
  • Unlimited users

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FeaturesREFORM DesktopREFORM Pro
Works with any data regardless of source, size, or structure
Load data into Data Warehouse, DB or BI / Data Science tools
Up to 100x faster than hand written code and other products
Intuitive data discovery and transformation
Analysts and business users can fulfill their own data requests
Connect directly to data sources with no need to export or stage data
Connect directly to data destinations with no need to import data
Integrate with Kerberos, Active Directory, Cognito, OAuth and more
Infinitely large datasets
Infinitely large output size
$49 a monthRequest a Quote

Jim Gallo, VP, Business Analytics & Strategy at g2o

"SlamData REFORM fills a huge gap in the business analytics arena by dramatically simplifying the movement of data. Anyone serious about enabling business analysts and data scientists via self-self-service data should consider this product for their toolkit."

Dixon Adair, VP of Operations at Qmenu, Inc

"Simply put, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a NoSQL database architecture while still being able to perform any sort of data analysis, you have to check out REFORM!"

Patrik Berggren, Data Scientist at Gold Town Games AB

"Given our experience, we approached REFORM with skepticism, but to our surprise REFORM lives up its word; and now we have a working analytic environment in Google BigQuery."


Fred Cook, Co-Founder and CTO at Veho

"Reform lets us very quickly build complicated dashboards and BI queries without being constrained by our mongodb schema. The SlamData team provided expert support in recommending how to fit Reform into our BI system and helped with every step of the setup."

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