The fast and simple way to access complex JSON data as tables

REFORM Desktop is an application which prepares your JSON data for visualization, machine learning and data science. Connect your data source, pick what you’re interested in, and REFORM Desktop will transform it into tables. These tables can be imported into Power BI, Tableau, Excel, TensorFlow, DataRobot, SQL Server, Postgres, Redshift, Snowflake and more.

FeaturesREFORM DesktopREFORM Pro
Transform the most complex JSON and MongoDB data
Single step transformations from JSON to tables
Up to 100x faster than hand written code and other products
Intuitive data discovery and transformation
Analysts and business users can fulfill their own data requests
Connect directly to data sources with no need to export or stage data
Connect directly to data destinations with no need to import data
Integrate with Kerberos, Active Directory, Cognito, OAuth and more
Infinitely large datasets
Infinitely large output size
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Patrik Berggren

Data Scientist at Gold Town Games AB

At Gold Town Games we have a complex and nested MongoDB which is not suited for analysis. All the different solutions that we tried failed. This includes Stitchdata, MongoDB BI Connector and more. We were going to try to build our own custom solution when we came across REFORM. Given our experience we approached REFORM with skepticism but to our surprise REFORM lives up its word and now we have a working analytic environment in Google BigQuery

Dixon Adair

VP of Operations at Qmenu, Inc

Simply put, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a NoSQL database architecture while still being able to perform any sort of data analysis, you have to check out REFORM! It enabled us to tabularize all our data. REFORM's interface is highly intuitive. It is useful even just to browse the way one’s data is organized. SlamData has produced exactly what one would want and expect of this category of software. A category they have clearly pioneered and continue to perfect!

Chris Martinez

CTO at CleverFunnel Digital

Our marketing agency relies on data to make intelligent descisions on our customers' behalf, and it seems like what set of datapoints our customers want to see changes on a weekly basis. REFORM lets us pull raw JSON data directly out of e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and add or remove query parameters on the fly without having to write or modify a custom JSON conversion tool. It's saved us a lot of time and made our customers very happy.

Get started in minutes

REFORM Desktop is an easy to install and use desktop app. Install and prep your JSON data in minutes!

Thousands of use cases

REFORM Desktop works with Tableau, Power BI, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, DataRobot, TensorFlow, RStudio and many more.