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Explore, Query and Report On Live MongoDB Data.

No Mapping. No ETL.

MongoDB Analytics, MongoDB Business Intelligence

The Fastest, Most Agile MongoDB BI Solution

Free Yourself From the Latency and Limitations That Have Been Holding You Back.

Immediate Insight

Understand your as it’s being created. Don’t bother with ETL or data prep. Don’t spend time on mapping fields either.

Agility and Flexibility.

Run ad-hoc queries and build custom reports without a developer.

10X for 1/10

Don’t over invest in monolithic analytics solutions. With SlamData you get 10x the power at 1/10 the price.
What’s the ROI On Native MongoDB Analytics? Here’s the Answer.
“When I first saw SlamData, the key selling point was being able to use SQL, but the interactivity I’ve been able to build into reports has turned out to be extremely important.”

Michael Melmed, VP Operations and Strategy, US Mobile

What Our Customers Are Saying

We use SlamData to build custom reports and have found the tool is exceptionally easy to use and very powerful. We recently needed to engage the support team and we were very pleased with the turn-around time and the quality of support that we received.

Troy Thompson
Director of Software Engineering
Intermap Technologies, Inc.

When our company migrated from SQL database to MongoDB, all our query tools became obsolete. SlamData saved the day! I was able to easily write SQL2 queries. Plus the sharing, charting, and interactive reports were a game changer.

Michael Melmed
VP, Ops and Strategy
US Mobile

Slamdata helped shine the light on how our new product was being used. The support staff was awesome and we saved engineering cycles in building all the analytics in-house. I am using it to change the mindset in the teams and shift the focus from product launches to product landings

Engineering Lead
Cisco Systems

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Now Available: SlamData 5.0

The latest release of SlamData delivers unprecedented analytics for NoSQL data sources like MongoDB as well as for projects and solutions that deal with disparate, complex data. Tame your data now! SlamData is a single analytics solution for all of your data. 

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