Multi-Dimensional Relational Algebra

Multidimensional Relational Algebra (MRA) is the powerful innovation at the heart of SlamData. MRA is a new mathematical foundation for expressing queries that extends the power of relational algebra to handle the complex, denormalized, schema-less data models of modern NoSQL databases.

Existing marketplace solutions rely exclusively on 40+ year old relational algebra, the mathematical foundation for relational database analytics (RDBMS). While this approach has worked well for legacy RDBMS systems, it’s not compatible with modern data models.

Just as the RDBMS era of the 1970s and 80s required new solutions for analytics and reporting, the NoSQL revolution requires new innovation to succeed and must move beyond traditional relational technology.

For the first time in history, MRA makes it possible to manipulate and query NoSQL data using SQL, without losing any expressive power. No data preparation is required — MRA lets you work with your data natively, as it actually exists, without the need for table virtualization.

MRA is a giant leap forward and the foundation for all NoSQL analytics. If you want to learn more about MRA, please contact us.

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The Characteristics of NoSQL Analytics Systems

  • The Nature of NoSQL Data
    • APIs
    • NoSQL Databases
    • Big Data
    • A Generic Data Model for NoSQL
  • Approaches to NoSQL Analytics
    • Coding & ETL
    • Hadoop
    • Real-Time Analytics
    • Relational Model Virtualization
    • First-Class NoSQL Analytics
  • Characteristics of NoSQL Analytics Systems
    • Generic Data Model
    • Isomorphic Data Model
    • Multi-Dimensionality
    • Unified Schema/Data
    • Post-Relational
    • Polymorphic Queries
    • Dynamic Type Discovery & Conversion
    • Structural Patterns

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