Fast, flexible data transformation. No coding required.

“At Gold Town Games we have a quite complex, heavily nested operational MongoDB database that is somewhat the developers pride and joy, and because of that it’s not very well suited for analysis. So when setting up an analytic environment we were trying out a lot of different solutions for offloading data from our MongoDB database to our analytic environment at Google Cloud. All the different solutions that we tried failed, this includes Stitchdata, MongoDB BI Connector and more, so we were about to give up and try to squeeze in time to build our own custom solution when we came across SlamData. Due to the history of non existent results we have had so far with vendors for accomplishing our task, it was with quite big amount of skepticism we received the information from SlamData that this should not be any problem due to their unique algorithm. But to our surprise they lived up to their word and now we have a working analytic environment in Google BigQuery on account of SlamData.”

Patrik Berggren – Data Scientist at Gold Town Games AB


Fast, flexible, streaming.

SlamData REFORM works with your current Data Warehouse to rapidly and automatically transform your complex data. It’s the no-brainer data solution that doesn’t require you to reinvent your current setup.


Access complex JSON, CSV, and XML files from Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Azure, MongoDB or anywhere else.


Visually prepare analytics-ready tables from any data point with our point-and-click UI — no coding knowledge required.


Stream your data tables directly to Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Azure SQL DW, Teradata, or whatever data warehouse you use — automatically.

Provide users simple, powerful access to your API data.

Analysts and Data Scientist cannot easily access data stored in Web API’s. The data payloads are almost always JSON, and depending on complexity preparing this data into analytics ready tables or CSV’s is difficult or impossible without writing code, UNTIL NOW!

SlamData REFORM lets anyone connect directly to a web API, then explore that data, and visually build analytic ready tables in a minutes. Once complete they can stream the data to a wide variety of Data Warehouse solutions or even Machine learning solutions like DataRobot and others.