Take Advantage of the World’s Easiest-to-Use Data Integration Solution for S3, Azure Storage and Google Cloud

80% of data projects are janitor work: cleaning up, normalizing, prepping. That means only 20% of your data project is analytics. That’s unacceptable.

The SlamData Virtual Data Warehouse puts CIOs, Data Scientists, Business Analysts — entire organizations that depend on data — in the driver’s seat. It radically simplifies finding and curating data.

The CIO Can Now Scale Analytics At A Fraction of the Cost

Scale Analytics

The VDW allows CIOs to activate whole companies to consume and act on data without prep, latency or overhead.


Avoid Copies of Data

The VDW doesn’t copy your data. It’s a virtual query that you can trigger at any time.


With SlamData’s cutting-edge approach, duplication is eliminated. Goodbye massive data pipelines.

Reduce Costs By 10x

The VDW eliminates whole swaths of infrastructure (and all the expensive data integration salaries that go with it).

The Data Scientist Can Now Explore Data Easily

Tame Complexity Automatically

The VDW’s power comes from multidimensional relational algebra. It untangles complex, modern data automatically.


Easily Use Industry Standard Tools

Easily access your data using the tools you already use: R, Python and more.

Eliminate the Data Janitor Work

Get rid of the low-value work like prep and normalization and get back to analysis.

The Analyst Can Now Self Serve

Get Immediate Access (No IT Required)

Skip waiting in line for the next DBA or developer to give you what you need. Self-serve analytics will unlock your ability to deliver for your organization.

Collaborate and Iterate

Easily share and collaborate on what others in your organization are discovering and building.


Rely On Standard Tools

Stick with the tools you know and love. The VDW is the fastest way to easily access to all of your data.

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