Scalable Self-Service data ingest for ThoughtSpot

SlamData REFORM allows any user to ingest new data sources directly into ThoughtSpot, regardless of source, size or complexity.?The REFORM user experience is as simple to use as a file browser, and lets the user pick the exact data they need for any new tables they want to add to ThoughtSpot.

  • Reduce ThoughtSpot implementation from weeks to days or even hours
  • Empower end users and increase use cases with new data

Why use REFORM for ThoughtSpot

  • Add new sources of data to your ThoughtSpot solution in minutes with no technical skills required
  • Supports ALL your data sources, RDBMS, NoSQL, API’s and more
  • Tables are always kept up to date as new data is available
  • Easy to use application that runs in any existing infrastructure, local, cloud or hybrid.
  • Reduce services and the IT resources needed to add new data sources to ThoughtSpot

REFORM does all the heavy lifting for you

  • REFORM lets you build the exact tables you need
  • Unique “auto-join” technology keeps all critical data relationships in place
  • Fast streaming ingest, superior to any ODBC/JDBC tools
  • Simple data browser interface can be used by anyone
  • Works on ALL your data

Loading live data as tables into ThoughtSpot from the SpaceX API (JSON data).

After easily connecting to the SpaceX with REFORM, simply browse and pick the exact data you need for you table. Push the results button

REFORM creates the exact table you want, then push a single button and it loads the table into ThoughtSpot

The data is now in your ThoughtSpot data tables and available for any analysis you want to run

Want even more info?

Download the REFORM for ThoughtSpot Data Sheet

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